A very nice snowboarding day continued at a Very Nice Brewery

Snowboarder living and how to do it cheaply Plenty of locals have their own way of getting the most out of a day on the slopes. I dislike overspending on food & drinks at the mountain resorts, and I dislike crowds at the bar that I need to fight through. Don’t we all? Stop outside of the resort town, pack a lunch, visit grocery stores for snacks instead of convenience stores, and contribute to small business. These are a few of my methods to living the life while saving my money. My blog will serve as your guide to living the lifestyle cheaper and party more effectively: One thing I love most about Colorado are the unique microbrews found in nearly every bar that are locally brewed. The list of breweries, large and small, is so extensive and would be a career in itself to frequent these locations throughout the year to get the “best of the season” beer. Today I will tell you about my visit in Nederland and will begin the journey of updating you regularly on the bars I hit. Ate breakfast at Sundance Cafe on the way at a quaint and warm cottage restaurant outside Nederland Indulged in great coffee, delicious and hearty french toast and eggs breakfast, and played Connect 4 with a snowboarding friend, Eric to prepare ourselves for the fun day ahead Spent $10 Before gratuity and had a pleasant meal with a small crowd and no over priced resort food Snowboarded at Eldora, close to Boulder, CO Looped the Indian Peaks lift because it had the best sun exposure, least moguls, quick and... read more

Gypsy Jane: Hip-Hop and Cannabis

Who is Gypsy Jane? That is what I caught myself asking for the first few weeks that I had heard about the upcoming cannabis and music festival. I figured, it’s just another crazy name to gain interest, and that it was. How I got involved with Gypsy Jane is a mystery in itself. I am an event seeker and I aim constantly exploring the internet for the next best thing to come to town. Hip-hop is my forte and first choice genre for any mood I am in. When I heard about Gypsy I knew I wanted to be involved and mysteriously enough, Gypsy found me all on her own. I linked up with a business man all about being ahead of the game. Troix Whitehead is the CEO and Founder of Da Ma LIfestyle, a cannabis marketing and public relations business. His goal in business is to represent the best and newest innovations in the cannabis industry and to show the industry what these businesses have to offer. I connected with Troix and started hunting the industry for new clients to represent Da Ma as vendors at the three day music and cannabis festival. I scoured Denver, Colorado Springs, and the front range towns for the most unique offerings and shared my excitement with whoever would listen. Somewhere down the line the head production team, Virtuance Productions, assigned me my next task. I was asked to find and hire a car fleet for all artist transportation. Seemed easy enough, except for the low budget being almost impossible to stay within. I called up an old friend and we... read more


This month I experienced my first BUDBQ. What is a BUDBQ? Well I discovered quickly from a hired chef Celina that you can have fun with your food by cooking with weed. I showed up to my favorite spot in Wheat Ridge to smoke and relax as I always do. I hold a private membership at Three Kings Dab Supply where you are legally able to smoke your pre-purchased marijuana and marijuana products. They sell dab tools, rigs, and glass domes. They also have a wide selection of glass pipes, bongs, joint papers, and blunt wraps. This particularly friendly lounge is run by three gentleman, the three kings, and you are sure to see one of these guys laughing and entertaining their guests everyday. They consistently have a steady group of members lounging around sharing some smoke. You can come and go as you please throughout the day until 10pm during the week and 12am on the weekends. Walking through you will find a dab bar with the most popular and coolest stoners lighting torches and ripping of their small personal rigs. What constitutes the coolest; those with the most crowd surrounding their super awesome hash, wax, or shatter. There is also a small room with couches and chill spaces to play Xbox or Playstation games, all the latest equipment of course. On the back patio there is a huge picnic table where you can find people smoking and enjoying the late night cool Colorado weather. Hookahs can be ordered for your enjoyment as well. If you were worried about taking your glass pieces out on the town with... read more