You know your cannabis business MUST…

Be VISIBLE and remain RELEVANT in the MMJ and recreational marijuana market!

Have you ever left an event hoping that you could someday host your own?

There is no need to hope, make it your reality! We are here with the skills and experience necessary to make it real.

Do you love to socialize among other like-minded individuals?

Do you want to surround yourself with more people who also love to learn about, share opinions about, and smoke Cannabis?

Our events will bring you ALL that you need in making connections with people and businesses that you share similar thought provoking questions with. The best part is that you simply have to attend to make these great connections!

Come prepared with your own bud and your shining personality!

ALL the ways we have fun:

  • Smoke up happy hours
  • Industry networking monthly dinners
  • Company parties
  • Local artist showcases

Host your own event!

Do you know what it takes to put together and price out a great event?

Are you willing to make phone calls continuously until you find the right caterer? What about the DJ? Are you also going to wait for the call back from that perfect venue and hope your day is available?

All Time High will save you time to run your business and do what you do best. Let us wait on hold for you and organize all your pricing options to present an overview to you. What does that leave you with doing? Running through a list and making a choice, it is as simple as that.

What we handle:

  • Site selection
  • Logistics
  • Vendor contract negotiation
  • Entertainment/music/speaker system
  • Audio and Visual hookups and features
  • Your budget & ROI
  • Pre planning & on-site coordination