Gypsy Jane: Hip-Hop and Cannabis

Gypsy Jane: Hip-Hop and Cannabis

Who is Gypsy Jane?

Snoop Dogg, Warren G, and Baran from WTFRLY

Snoop Dogg, Warren G, and Baran from WTFRLY

That is what I caught myself asking for the first few weeks that I had heard about the upcoming cannabis and music festival. I figured, it’s just another crazy name to gain interest, and that it was. How I got involved with Gypsy Jane is a mystery in itself. I am an event seeker and I aim constantly exploring the internet for the next best thing to come to town. Hip-hop is my forte and first choice genre for any mood I am in. When I heard about Gypsy I knew I wanted to be involved and mysteriously enough, Gypsy found me all on her own. I linked up with a business man all about being ahead of the game. Troix Whitehead is the CEO and Founder of Da Ma LIfestyle, a cannabis marketing and public relations business. His goal in business is to represent the best and newest innovations in the cannabis industry and to show the industry what these businesses have to offer.

I connected with Troix and started hunting the industry for new clients to represent Da Ma as vendors at the three day music and cannabis festival. I scoured Denver, Colorado Springs, and the front range towns for the most unique offerings and shared my excitement with whoever would listen. Somewhere down the line the head production team, Virtuance Productions, assigned me my next task. I was asked to find and hire a car fleet for all artist transportation. Seemed easy enough, except for the low budget being almost impossible to stay within. I called up an old friend and we worked together on pricing. To save on time I wont divulge the details but this was not easy. In fact, it was one of the most difficult things to organize given that I didn’t have a SINGLE artist’s flight info until three days before the event. Talk about last minute, I have never heard of such a thing.

Come event time, I had managed to book three dispensaries, two food vendors, and four companies with unique products relating to cannabis. How was the event? I had an amazing time! The first day of concerts was hectic because of a large amount of plane delays and organizing around all the changes but we pulled it off. I remember sitting backstage during the performance of Travis Porter and thinking to myself, how did I get here? Here is the lineup: Friday performances by JBRE, Dougie Kent, Basscrooks, Tinashe, Tyga, Travis Porter, Top Flight Empire, and Baby Bash; Saturday performances by Rappin 4 Tay, 2nd to None, Spice 1, Too Short, E40, Snoop Dogg, and Xhibit, and Warren G. What the fuck?? It was an incredible group of people to have had the pleasure to meet, especially since most of the artists I have been listening to since I was a young one.

Snoop Dogg and myself after the concert

The best part about it all by far was being able to sit and hang out with the artists in their trailers rolling and smoking blunt after blunt. In what world is this allowed? Oh I know, Denver where smoking marijuana over the age of 21 is legal and prohibited. The entire concert event was legal for smoking because of a 21 over entry only to those possessing tickets to the festival side of the event.

Gypsy gift bag 420 stands gypsy

This is an example of the grab bag I created for each headlining artist and their manager as a welcome to Colorado gift. Items were donated by Marley’s headshop, 420stands, and Stixx (infused pixie sticks).

I could have not have asked for a greater opportunity or a better experience. I had individual time with at least half of the headliners and was able to be myself, stay relaxed, and meet some of the ultimate hip-hop legends. There will be plenty more concerts in my future and more chances to travel for events as more states begin to legalize marijuana. Colorado is the mecca and example to all states or countries looking to legalize cannabis and we will continue down the million dollar path towards a successful integration into everyday society.

Let me plan your next event whether it is a concert, employee appreciation party, small scale conference, or company party. I am ready to take all the stress away from you and to make your next company party a huge success.

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