This month I experienced my first BUDBQ.

What is a BUDBQ? Well I discovered quickly from a hired chef Celina that you can have fun with your food by cooking with weed. I showed up to my favorite spot in Wheat Ridge to smoke and relax as I always do.

I hold a private membership at Three Kings Dab Supply where you are legally able to smoke your pre-purchased marijuana and marijuana products. They sell dab tools, rigs, and glass domes. They also have a wide selection of glass pipes, bongs, joint papers, and blunt wraps. This particularly friendly lounge is run by three gentleman, the three kings, and you are sure to see one of these guys laughing and entertaining their guests everyday. They consistently have a steady group of members lounging around sharing some smoke. You can come and go as you please throughout the day until 10pm during the week and 12am on the weekends. Walking through you will find a dab bar with the most popular and coolest stoners lighting torches and ripping of their small personal rigs. What constitutes the coolest; those with the most crowd surrounding their super awesome hash, wax, or shatter. There is also a small room with couches and chill spaces to play Xbox or Playstation games, all the latest equipment of course. On the back patio there is a huge picnic table where you can find people smoking and enjoying the late night cool Colorado weather. Hookahs can be ordered for your enjoyment as well. If you were worried about taking your glass pieces out on the town with you or traveling with it in your car, there are lendable pieces available to smoke from.

I will tell you all about their great patio after I get back to my story about the origin of the BUDBQ. So, I show up at Three Kings ready to get my smoke on and show a friend how pleasant of a place is. When I walk in, the place is raging. There are people everywhere, smoke is billowing in the front room and the staff is amped up. I am greeted by someone who I have not met and who thinks I am a first time visitor. I politely ask him why this place is so god damn crazy and if this is a usual weekend crowd, as I usually come week nights. He gets super excited to find out that I was just coming to hang out and jumps into his sales pitch for the BBQ event they are hosting. “It is a $30 cover and you can eat as much BBQ as you want, stay to hang out, smoke your buds, and eat them too,” he spits out exuberantly and continues to say “you will also get a cool swag bag provided by Buddy Brands.” Well, OK I am definitely in for this.

I walk out to the back porch to find six or seven hot barbeque related food items steaming and inviting me to eat. I first went to a table on the back lawn, reached in my swag bag, pulled out a blunt wrap along with my free lighter, and rolled up a fat blunt. Time for the first toke of the day. After smoking, I walked around to chat with people and gauge the crowd and not a single person was down on their mood and everyone was clearly stoned. I reached my peak “high” and I decided it was time to grub out. Big Sal, the chef, had two tables set up with the same food items, one was draped in a green tablecloth indicating the marijuana infused foods. Here was my selection: Mac & cheese, loaded mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, beans, corn cobs, grilled jalopenos, chicken legs/wings/breasts, a fire berry marijuana bbq sauce, and a marijuana infused gravy. Oh my did I indulge? I had two full servings!

After the meal, it was a day long adventure for about 3-4 hours of socializing, dab rips, bong hits, and blunt smoking. I was having the Saturday that most day-job people dream of experiencing. If you like to smoke and have not checked out Three Kings, have yourself a visit at 12390 W 44th Ave. Wheat Ridge, Colorado or call them at 720-227-6114 and get yourself a membership. Not only is it fun and a great way to meet people, but it is also super affordable and worth every dollar spent.

To return to the amenities offered on the back table, there are tons of tables with space to hang out or come with a group. They have two super funky dab buses and glass blowing! The glass blowing is my favorite because there are constantly tons of regulars rotating behind the glass table creating a new piece of artwork. It is amazing to watch and I have not experienced being able to watch the glass being bent, twisted, and expanding. It is my favorite past time during the week to go get stoned and then sit around watching the glass blowers show off their talent.

Three Kings Dab Supply Marijuana Infused BBQ meal on August 30, 2014. Labor Day Weekend celebration #buddybrands #cannabis #weed #smoketrees

I almost forgot to mention, there was a mudpie at the end and marijuana butter infused chocolate balls for dessert. Mudpie is an oreo pudding with tons of potential for heart attack or pure sweet blissfulness.

You can hear more about Big Sal’s creations and expertise through his posts in Chronic magazine; a publication specializing in recreational marijuana news and information. 

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