A very nice snowboarding day continued at a Very Nice Brewery

A very nice snowboarding day continued at a Very Nice Brewery

Snowboarder living and how to do it cheaply

View of Eldora from the road, the first glimpses through the front range

View of Eldora from the road, the first glimpses through the front range

Plenty of locals have their own way of getting the most out of a day on the slopes. I dislike overspending on food & drinks at the mountain resorts, and I dislike crowds at the bar that I need to fight through. Don’t we all? Stop outside of the resort town, pack a lunch, visit grocery stores for snacks instead of convenience stores, and contribute to small business. These are a few of my methods to living the life while saving my money. My blog will serve as your guide to living the lifestyle cheaper and party more effectively:

One thing I love most about Colorado are the unique microbrews found in nearly every bar that are locally brewed. The list of breweries, large and small, is so extensive and would be a career in itself to frequent these locations throughout the year to get the “best of the season” beer.

Today I will tell you about my visit in Nederland and will begin the journey of updating you regularly on the bars I hit.

  • Ate breakfast at Sundance Cafe on the way at a quaint and warm cottage restaurant outside Nederland
  • Indulged in great coffee, delicious and hearty french toast and eggs breakfast, and played Connect 4 with a snowboarding friend, Eric to prepare ourselves for the fun day ahead
    • Spent $10 Before gratuity and had a pleasant meal with a small crowd and no over priced resort food
  • Snowboarded at Eldora, close to Boulder, CO
    • Looped the Indian Peaks lift because it had the best sun exposure, least moguls, quick and flat runs, and fewer crowds of beginners
    • Discovered that I could cover every run and lift within an hour or so
    • Had a decent groomer day and a mellow morning/afternoon
    • Selfie on a lift? Yes.

      Selfie on a lift? Yes.

  • Very Nice Brewing
    • Got lunch at the grocery store in town and brought in an assortment of appetizer options
    • Tried the Very Nice Pale Ale and the Monk’s Phunk Belgium

You may be asking, how is this of any importance to me and who is Ari to tell me where to go. Well I am a beer, wine, cocktail, restaurant, snowboarding, and party enthusiast. I network for a living, connect people, frequent local and small businesses, and coordinate and plan events ranging from seminars to concerts. I want to start this blog and my content based on the great life I have the chance to live.

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I will be posting a tap of the week which will consistently host a new brewery and my favorite tap from my visit. I will review the beer, the venue, and the staff. Today’s patronage is contributed to a short ride on the slopes of Eldora. Access to this mountain has been granted to Rocky Mountain Super Pass holders and my first time riding there was this afternoon. The conditions were not great after having four warm days in a row and the coverage is pretty low, they need a good storm.

Today’s visit: Very Nice Brewing- Nederland, CO

Photo of Plaza where you can find Very Nice Brewing and The Candy Man.

Photo of Plaza where you can find Very Nice Brewing and The Candy Man.

Beer #1- Featured Tap of the Week

Monk’s Phunk $4

  • Belgium
  • Amber color
  • Perfect mix of hoppy and sweet
  • Easy to drink
  • Palate opener with my goat cheese
  • Aromatic

Very Nice Pale Ale $4

  • Bitter during tasting
  • Clean and crisp
  • Not overly hoppy
  • Smooth
  • High ABV

The brewery was spaced out well with large picnic style tables to smaller two-tops. It smelled of hops and barley, which is always a good sign. The bartender Susan was lovely and very accommodating. She helped pick the right beer by providing me samples and was very attentive to her bar guests needs.  Dogs are allowed inside so long as they are leashed and the owner remains present. There was also a chocolate and beer special provided by The Candy Man business upstairs in the plaza. It was amazing and delicious toffee served with peppermint, white, coffee, milk, or dark chocolate flavors. This gave me a good sense of the community the town up holds and gave me more desire to be a repetitive and distinguished patron.

Thanks for checking in today, one love!